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Associazione Vie D’Acqua – Floating Chat With Marco Bonfante

The Po is swimmable. So begins my river chat with Marco Bonfante, co-founder of the Associazione Vie d’Acqua, born three years ago thanks to a lucky meeting of intentions, personal and professional, with his partner and friend, Marco Borrelli. “I presented my project to the Metropolitan City of Turin for a speech to support the […]

Horas Kebab – Interview to Bibo

During my first weeks as a student in Turin, I wrote down in a small blue notebook all the restaurants, pastry shops, and bistros to try. Horas Kebab was among them. Yet for three years, I lived without the fantastic falafel of Bibo… I wonder how I did it. Finally, that day came for me […]

José Saramago – A Steep Climb Towards Cecità

Photo Credit: Alessandra Pisani I struggled to write this review. Reading the book was a constant conflict. It seemed endless to me and each page a steep climb. I have encountered so many criticisms. First of all, I think I missed the moment, I wasn’t emotionally ready. Carrying such a crude, demeaning, painful reading probably […]

Travelling (By Bike) With Brina – Interview To Sabrina Steriti

Today, HUMANS paints itself with the colors of nature and brings on board a special protagonist, Sabrina Steriti. A plant-based self-taught chef and content creator (you can find her on Instagram and YouTube), who takes care of everything concerning a healthy and natural diet, and a lifestyle with low environmental impact! What is plant-based? How […]

Persian Food – Interview to Niloufar Nojabaei

Niloufar Nojabaei, the owner of the restaurant Persian Food, is the new protagonist of the column “Multiethnic companies in Turin”. Her blond hair, almost curlier than mine, and the witty eyes, which let me imagine a beautiful smile under the mask, welcomed me in a cozy and charming place. In front of a good cup […]

Forgiveness Hurts More Than Revenge: Life Imprisonment – Interview to Carmelo Musumeci

Today’s protagonist is Carmelo Musumeci, writer, graduated in Law, Prison Law and Philosophy. In his first dissertation, “Living life imprisonment”, he writes: “I was sentenced to life imprisonment. They didn’t want to punish me, they wanted to destroy me: lifelong imprisonment goes against nature. […] The sentence of life imprisonment is not a deterrent, it […]

Mar Rosso – Interview to Neil Vivaldo

The section dedicated to multi-ethnic entrepreneurship in Turin was created to give a renewed meaning to my thesis and not to let it fall into the forgotten cyber archives of university. Creating this small space for them, I want to thank all the people I have met and who have chosen to dedicate precious time to […]

Progetto ABITO: Social Inclusion, Sustainability and Feminism – Interview to Elisa Valenti

The intensive use of natural resources, the waste of materials, the difficulty of ensuring material recycling, the labour exploitation and human rights violations, all these factors have made the fashion industry one of the most polluting overall. The dominant model of textile industry follows a violent and vicious process characterised by exploitation, overproduction and waste. […]

Jana Černá – A Private Revolution

Dear, dear, dear, and so, here, for what I know, I borrowed this machine to be able to ensure, by writing, the material basis of existence for the children, for us, in short, for everyone, and now, here I am writing a love letter – there is something wrong somewhere – or, perhaps, on the […]

The Balkan Route: What Civil Society Can Do – Interview To Adna Camdzic

The first time I met Adna’s sweet and witty eyes, we were at University, in the same classroom with Mihaela, one of the precious protagonists of HUMANS… I have always admired her resourcefulness at lesson and the ability to work in group, discreetly drawing the trajectory that would lead everyone else to a good result. […]