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Ethnic Enterprises in Turin

Horas Kebab – Interview to Bibo

During my first weeks as a student in Turin, I wrote down in a small blue notebook all the restaurants, pastry shops, and bistros to try. Horas Kebab was among them. Yet for three years, I lived without the fantastic falafel of Bibo… I wonder how I did it. Finally, that day came for me […]

Persian Food – Interview to Niloufar Nojabaei

Niloufar Nojabaei, the owner of the restaurant Persian Food, is the new protagonist of the column “Multiethnic companies in Turin”. Her blond hair, almost curlier than mine, and the witty eyes, which let me imagine a beautiful smile under the mask, welcomed me in a cozy and charming place. In front of a good cup […]

Mar Rosso – Interview to Neil Vivaldo

The section dedicated to multi-ethnic entrepreneurship in Turin was created to give a renewed meaning to my thesis and not to let it fall into the forgotten cyber archives of university. Creating this small space for them, I want to thank all the people I have met and who have chosen to dedicate precious time to […]

El Shesh Kebab – Interview to Hassanein Mosleh

The term kebab means “roasted” and seems to have been devised in the Middle Ages by Persian soldiers who used their swords as a spit to grill meat when in the evening they lit a fire in the outdoor camps. This delicious dish is now widespread throughout the West and its consumption is increasingly away […]