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Mar Rosso – Interview to Neil Vivaldo

The section dedicated to multi-ethnic entrepreneurship in Turin was created to give a renewed meaning to my thesis and not to let it fall into the forgotten cyber archives of university. Creating this small space for them, I want to thank all the people I have met and who have chosen to dedicate precious time to […]

Progetto ABITO: Social Inclusion, Sustainability and Feminism – Interview to Elisa Valenti

The intensive use of natural resources, the waste of materials, the difficulty of ensuring material recycling, the labour exploitation and human rights violations, all these factors have made the fashion industry one of the most polluting overall. The dominant model of textile industry follows a violent and vicious process characterised by exploitation, overproduction and waste. […]

Jana Černá – A Private Revolution

Dear, dear, dear, and so, here, for what I know, I borrowed this machine to be able to ensure, by writing, the material basis of existence for the children, for us, in short, for everyone, and now, here I am writing a love letter – there is something wrong somewhere – or, perhaps, on the […]

The Balkan Route: What Civil Society Can Do – Interview To Adna Camdzic

The first time I met Adna’s sweet and witty eyes, we were at University, in the same classroom with Mihaela, one of the precious protagonists of HUMANS… I have always admired her resourcefulness at lesson and the ability to work in group, discreetly drawing the trajectory that would lead everyone else to a good result. […]

El Shesh Kebab – Interview to Hassanein Mosleh

The term kebab means “roasted” and seems to have been devised in the Middle Ages by Persian soldiers who used their swords as a spit to grill meat when in the evening they lit a fire in the outdoor camps. This delicious dish is now widespread throughout the West and its consumption is increasingly away […]

In Mente Itaca: Human Rights Through Non-Formal Education – Interview to Ayoub Moussaid

In October 2019, I began my internship adventure at the Centro Studi Sereno Regis in Turin.I remember that period with a bit of melancholy.A beautiful one, not nostalgic, in which I find myself often.It was all so different, I was different.That experience certainly contributed to my personal growth and gave me a lot.And among the […]

World Tour Confined: Socialize Despite the Distance – Interview to Edwin Bezier

During these months, the term “social distancing” has become part of our daily language. We heard about it every day, referring to the measures adpoted in order to cointain the infection. And we have abused it, at times, using it more broadly, as if to exorcise the motivations that determined its tragic fame, thus also […]

Citizenship As Political, Social And Civil Commitment – Interview to Mihaela Iacob

Mihaela is a young woman and recent graduate in International Sciences at the University of Turin. I bear in mind her sweet smile, the brilliant speeches she used to make during class and the lighthearted conversations at the Luigi Einaudi Campus Cafè. And that’s where I met her, a dynamic and fascinating place, in whose […]

Croatia: On The Path To Schengen – Interview to Marin Belak

I met Marin Belak three years ago. It was a warming winter afternoon and I was going to attend my very first class of Slovenian. Despite my obvious difficulties in learning that sweet and melodious language, I totally felt at ease in that room. Welcomed in an embrace of support and mutual admiration. We had […]