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Associazione Vie D’Acqua – Floating Chat With Marco Bonfante

The Po is swimmable. So begins my river chat with Marco Bonfante, co-founder of the Associazione Vie d’Acqua, born three years ago thanks to a lucky meeting of intentions, personal and professional, with his partner and friend, Marco Borrelli. “I presented my project to the Metropolitan City of Turin for a speech to support the […]

Horas Kebab – Interview to Bibo

During my first weeks as a student in Turin, I wrote down in a small blue notebook all the restaurants, pastry shops, and bistros to try. Horas Kebab was among them. Yet for three years, I lived without the fantastic falafel of Bibo‚Ķ I wonder how I did it. Finally, that day came for me […]

El Shesh Kebab – Interview to Hassanein Mosleh

The term kebab means “roasted” and seems to have been devised in the Middle Ages by Persian soldiers who used their swords as a spit to grill meat when in the evening they lit a fire in the outdoor camps. This delicious dish is now widespread throughout the West and its consumption is increasingly away […]